Plus Thin-Kerf Saw Blades
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Plus Thin-Kerf Saw Blades

Thin-kerf plus saw blades are used for cutting soft and hard wood, and plywood, suitable for Miter saws, table saws, and Portable and cordless saws. Goldtol saw blades are carefully crafted using the best materials, the most innovative designs, and the most sophisticated manufacturing processes, Every blade is specifically designed for excellent performance and longer life. Please select the best saw blade for your application from a wide variety of designs and sizes.

Product Features:

1. High-Performance price rate.
2. Leading production technology and facilities.
3. Product Reliability.
4. Large productivity and Expertise in R&D.
5. Capability in packaging design.
6. Quality control system: Production of saw blades strictly follow DIN standard and with over 50 sets of delicate testing equipment combined with nearly 40 QC team members.

Product Parameters:

PLUS thin-kerf saw blades
Application: For rip and crosscuts at high-speed rotation
Machines: Miter saws, table saws, Portable and cordless saws.
Material: soft and hard wood, plywood.

D(mm) K(mm) P(mm) T B(mm) Teeth type Remark
200 1.4 1.1 36/48 30 ATB
210 1.4 1.1 36/48 30 ATB
216 1.4 1.1 36/48/64 30 ATB Neg hook angle
235 1.7 1.3 36/48 30 ATB
250 1.8 1.4 42/60/80 30 ATB
300 2.0 1.5 48/72/96 30 ATB

Other specification available upon request

plus thin kerf saw blades 2


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