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A giant manufacturer of saw blades
Goldtol a giant manufacturer of saw blades which is a subsidiary of SYYS group(Singapore)one of the earliest manufacturers producing the TCT saw blades, was founded in 1992.
Continuous effort, Goldtol now has more than 1000 employees and 4 factories(located in China and Thailand)., the annual output has reached 30 million pcs. While the daily production hits 3.1 million tips/day(100K pcs/day). Goldtol now becomes the world’s largest saw blade manufacturer and the production capacity is still constantly increasing 20% every year.

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Global saw blade solutions
Goldtol’s saw blades have been exported to more than 58 countries worldwide. Goldtol helps lots of world famous brand through OEM. The products have been divided into DIY, Professional and Industrial 3 grades to meet different market demand by different price and quality. Goldtol is also a strong brand in local China market with more than 50% market share.

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Leading Techneology in saw blade industry
Goldtol has invested lots of up-to-date equipments and facilities providing the possibility of efficient and reliable production. They are including laser cutting machine, straightening rolling machine, auto-brazing machine, auto grinding machine etc. Goldtol also develop and customize new machine to improve the saw blade production efficiency. Goldtol’s research on saw blades has never stopped.

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30 years experience in saw blade industry
Export to 58 countries in OEM
Capacity of 3.1 million teeth/day
589 dealers all over China
4 factories in Asia

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